What To Bring on Board

firstclasslaptopFlights often take a good part of a day. Those hours of sitting and waiting pass by way faster if you have some things to entertain you. Whether you’re flying a short haul or long haul flight, it’s always nice to have a few comforts from home. First class and business class passengers are allowed to bring two pieces of carry-on baggage, a briefcase and also a handbag. This means you have a little extra room, for these four things that you should bring with you to make your flight more comfortable.

Travelers Kit
It’s always suggested to make your own travelers kit on flights. You can bring most of the things from home or pick it up at the airport. You’re own first class travelers kit should have any personal toiletries you might need, including a toothbrush and comb. Also, it’s suggested to take a personal water bottle. Take it empty through security and fill it up before boarding the plane.

Books and Magazines
A long flight brings personal time. Always bring a couple of recent magazines with you. You can even pick them out at the airport. And take at least two books, Get books that are easy and fun to read. All electronic devices must be shut off during takeoff and landing, so it’s good to have books and magazines or newspapers on hand.

Ipod or MP3 Player
Bring your music and headphones too. Noise-canceling headphones work best to block out engine noise. Download soothing music and your favorite music before the flight. You can also download your favorite pod casts. And audio books,too.

A long flight can also mean work time, especially for those on business class. All business and first class flights come with electrical outlets, so you don’t have to fret about charging your laptop before hand. A laptop can be used not only for work, but also to play a game or to watch a movie. A DVD player obviously only plays movie

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