Top 3 Tokyo Fine Dinning Establishments

Kozue-Tokyo-007Located high, far above the fray on the 40th floor of the Park Hyatt, no other restaurant in Tokyo has such a setting. It opened its doors in 1994 and has booked ever since. Inside is a contemporary look with high ceilings and stylish tables and chairs. The menu features torafugupuffer fish in winter, ayu sweetfish in summer, matsutake mushrooms in autumn, and year­round shabu­shabu of marbled beef from premium wagyu cattle. Besure to book early and try to reserve a window seat. While you enjoy your meal, you can enjoy the view of the western hills and Mt. Fuji.

Park Hyatt Hotel, 3­7­1­2 Nishi­Shinjuku, Shinjuku­ku, +81 3 5323 3460

Aronia de Takazawa

aronia_de_takazawaChef Yoshiaki Takazawa’s bijou restaurant has long been one of Tokyo’s most intriguing restaurants. Aronia only sits two tables (maximum eight people) each evening. So it is no surprise it’s more talked about that visitited. Takazawa stands centre stage in a windowless room with sleek wood panelling and cooks. His wife Akiko serves the meal and explains in perfect English. Takazawa’s French­Japanese signature dishes include a ratatouille terrine, with vegetables layered into multicoloured cubes; carpenter’s salade niçoise, with sashimi tuna and tapenade sauce solidified in the shape of spanners and screws.

Sanyo Akasaka Bldg 2F, 3­5­2 Akasaka, Minato­ku, +81 3 3505 5052


kIf you can splurge on only one Tokyo sushi experience, make it Kyūbey. Established in 1936, Kyūbey’s quality and presentation have attracted a celebrity following ever since. Kyūbey made headlines in 2009 when it bought at auction half of a single bluefin tuna that sold for a ¥9.63 million (and sold single cuts of toro from it for ¥2000). Try the kaiseki (course menu, lunch/dinner from ¥10,500/15,750), or have it served on pottery by famed artisan Kitaoji Rosanjin for ¥31,500.

7­6, Ginza 8­chome, Chuo­ku +81­3­3571­6523

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