Why use Flight Courtier?

Flight Courtier is a travel agency that makes emphasis on customer care and personal approach. We also have over 15 years of combined experience in travel industry. This is a perfect combination to help you find the best deal on a flight and be taken care of throughout the journey.
What typical savings does Flight Courtier offer?

Our customers save on average 30-50% on Business Class fares and 40-60% on First Class and Around the World fares. Of course, each case is specific to a client’s request.
How does Flight Courtier manage to get such great prices?

We have travel professionals who know all ins and outs of travel industry and are able to negotiate the best deal with the airlines on your behalf. Using classic and innovative techniques, we are able to offer our clients unbeatable rates.
What airlines do you work with?

We work with all major 4 and 5-Star SkyTrax rated carriers. Using a seasoned and reputable airline allows you to enjoy your journey without delays and problems.
When is the best time to book with Flight Courtier?

We are able to find great deals at any time you wish to travel. From experience, we can say that the best time to book is about 5+ months in advance. We also have unbeatable last minute fares if you plan to travel within the next 10 days.
Are there Blackout dates?

With Flight Courtier, there are no blackout dates. We work with multiple airlines and are able to provide you with an excellent flight option at any time of the year.
What payment does Flight Courtier accept?

Flight Courtier accepts all major credit and bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX), bank transfers and PayPal. There is no extra fee for paying with your card.
What do I do if I am ready to book?

If you have certain travel plans and would like to secure a flight, please find the Request Form at the top of our home page and fill out the missing fields. An agent will contact you momentarily to assist with your travel needs. More on that “How It Works.”