Dubai at a Glance

dubai-is-planning-an-epic-comebackDubai is both a dynamic business center and a tourist paradise. Just overnight from London, three hours from Mumbai, seven hours from Hong Kong, halfway between Europe and Asia, only a few destinations take more than eight hours direct flying time to or from Dubai.
This is a destination of choice for vacationing, living, and conducting business.


What to do
This diverse, bustling and beautiful city has a lot to offer for travelers. From jeep safaris on beautiful sand dunes, to the excitement of a vibrant nightlife, luxurious shopping malls, and fine dining, there’s plenty of choices to choose from.

Dubai is ranked the world’s second most popular destination for shopping. From traditional souks to modern shopping malls, tourists can find it all. Dubai is truely a shoppers paradise.
Dubai is the sport capital of the Middle East. Each year, it hosts a variety of popular sporting activities and incredible entertainment attractions, in addition to world-renowned conferences and exhibitions.
It’s nightlife is second to none. Choose from sophisticated cocktail lounges to typical pubs. Most feature live nightly entertainment and have an ambiance of their own.

When to Go
images (1)Dubai is hot and for most of the year. However, the best time to visit is November to March, when temperatures are cooler. January is consider the premium month to visit because of the overcast and rain.
Summer is the cheapest time to visit, but there is a catch to that. From June to September, the average temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. If visitors chose to visit during summer, it’s best to stick to the shopping malls, hotels, and swimming pools.

Why Go
Dubai has a rich culture, rooted in Bedouin heritage, with traditions of storytelling, poetry, song, and dance. There are plenty of opportunities to experience it. Dubai is also a futuristic city to most, with audacious architecture, spectacular skylines, obsession with fashion and style. There is just as much fun to be had in this small city.

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