Top Airlines in the World

The World Airline Awards is a bench marking tool for Passenger Satisfaction levels of airlines throughout the world. The survey measures passenger satisfaction across indicators of airline front-line product and service – including check-in, boarding, on-board seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, food, beverages, in-flight entertainment and staff service. The results shown below show the final Global Airline Rankings in the 2013 World Airline Awards.

1. Emirates
2. Qatar
3. Etihad

Here’s why they are the best:
Since launching in 1985, Emirates has grown into the world’s leading international airlines. It is the largest and most dynamic airlines in the world and has transformed Dubai into a major connecting hub for global air travel.Last year over 39 million customers flew with Emirates and it’s easy to see why. Emirates constantly strives to offer their customers consistent, world-class service that extends from the moment they make their booking to the moment they arrive home at the end of their journey. Online is extensive innovations, including the industry leading in-flight entertainment system ice, offering over 1,500 channels of entertainment.Emirates has been, and continues to be, a leader in revolutionizing air travel.

The Doha-based airline received the Best Airline in the Middle East for the seventh consecutive year and the Best Airline Staff Service award in the Middle East, as well as begin named second airline in the world. This shows that they truly are a favourite airline among today’s global travellers. Qatar’s achievements reflect the high standards it sets for itself and the hard work and commitment of the staff continue to make Qatar Airways the success it is today.
Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker hailed the achievements as “fantastic recognition” of all employees at Qatar Airways for the dedication and commitment to their job. “I am extremely proud of the adulation given once again by the very people who fly – the travelling public, for their support and faith in Qatar Airways,” said Al Baker.

Etihad is honored to take home the top honors in ever First Class category. In just 10 years, Etihad operations have risen rapidly in Skytrax rankings. While the airline believes in investing in new innovative products, they believe that world-class hospitality should not be limited to hotels and restaurants. Etihad wants to bring the best hospitality to every point of the journey, even in the air.

Why Fly First Class

Why Fly First Class
Flying first class is renown for a high price, but if you stop to think about it, the benefits are worth the cost .Flying first class is the only way to enjoy comfort and service on flights. Rather than being stuck in a small, uncomfortable seat and eating mediocre food, enjoy your time well spent on a First Class flight.

Pre-Flight Benefits
The first class experience even begins even before you board the plane.Many airports have separate lines for security for first class passengers. Passengers are also invited to board first, and on international flights are given free access to airport lounges.First class Customers do not pay for the first three pieces of checked baggage! Airlines will board first class passengers first, giving them time to relax, and enjoy a drink before the flight takes off.

As soon as the plan reaches a safe altitude, free and unlimited drinks are served. Mealtime always begins with a warm, wet towel to clean your hands. On first class flights with meals, passengers usually have a choice of an entrée with soup, all served on real flatware, unlike the plastic in coach.

In First Class, passengers experience a in-seat personal video system with personal viewing monitors, a vast library of music, individual laptop power ports, personal reading lights, individual satellite telephones and noise cancelling headphones.

Now, the seat is what first class flying is all about. The main benefit is the extra room. Passengers have their own private and spacious suite. If sleepy, relax on a fully flat bed with mattress and duvet. And the front cabin is usually quieter, giving first class occupants the peace and quiet they need.

Is it Worth it to Pay for First Class?
Absolutely, yes. While the cost of first class seating is a considerable jump from coach,the extra room and quiet are more valuable and are worth the increased cost.