Best time of the year to travel to London

London is a wonderful place to visit, but you do need to plan in advance to make the most of your time. However, there’s no season to avoid when planning a visit to London. London weather can be unpredictable and Londoners are known to regularly carry both sunglasses and an umbrella. But London weather is never at an extreme, but usually mild.

London’s mild climate tends to keep the city a degree or so warmer than the surrounding countryside which is a curse in summer, but blessing in the winter. Sometimes, the dampness in winter and spring can make it seem much colder than it is. Even if there is a patch of bad weather in London; there are many activities and sights indoors that can be enjoyed during your visit.

The city is at its best from March to May. The weather is mild and usually less rainy than in other seasons. What’s even better is the shift to summer at the end of March, when all clocks go spring forward an hour. This means that daylight lasts later into the evening, giving visitors and locals alike long splendid days. This is also the best time to visit the Kew Gardens for its annual Spring Festival. Check out the London Marathon and the historic Boat Race in London if sport is your favorite pastime.

The peak season and best time to visit London is in June or September. Weather is mild and pleasant during this time. July and August is shoulder season, as the city is always crowded. The weather is temperamental during this months, it might be hot and raining. Or it could even be cold. However, there are a plethora of festivals and entertainment options during this time of year.

London winters are famous for being long, dark, and cold and usually last from October to March. Days are short and dark and the weather is bitter from the wind and rain. Usually it snows in January and February and maybe be cold and brutal outside. However, there’s always something going on in London, even if the days are short, dark, and cold.

Traveling during Christmas and New Year is always magical, especially in London. There’s a feeling of excitement in the air. Visitors enjoy the holidays by visiting the grand Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, traditional window displays in shops and captivating Christmas lights, and Christmas markets. New Year’s is full of celebrations all over the city.

Regardless of what season you decide to travel to London in, this magnificent, multicultural city offers a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities and entertainment.

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